Is There A Kotlc Movie?

There has been no confirmation or denial from the author or Scholastic whether or not there will be a movie for the series.

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With the immense success of both the Throne of Glass book series and the Court of Thorns and Roses book series, many are wondering if Sarah J. Mass will be writing a movie script for a Kotlc movie. While there is no confirmation as of now, this article will explore the possibility of a Kotlc movie, as well as what a potential plot line could be.

What is Kotlc?

Kotlc, or Keeper of the Lost Cities, is a young adult fantasy book series written by Shannon Messenger. The series follows Sophie Foster, a twelve-year-old girl who discovers she is not human, but elf. As she tries to come to terms with her identity, she must also grapple with the fact that she is the only one who can save both the human and elvin worlds from a dangerous enemy.

Why is there no Kotlc movie?

There are many reasons why there is no Kotlc movie. One reason may be that the author, Shannon Hale, has not given the film rights to her work. Another reason may be that a Kotlc movie would be very difficult to make. The story is set in a fantasy world with many different characters and creatures, and it would be expensive to create this world on screen. Additionally, the book series is not as popular as some other Young Adult series, so it may not be financially viable to make a Kotlc movie.

The books are better than a movie

At this time, there are no plans for a Kotlc movie. The author has said that she feels the books are better than a movie could be, and that she would rather focus on writing new books in the series.

What would a Kotlc movie be about?

While there is no Kotlc movie currently in production, there is always the possibility that one could be made in the future. The book series follows the adventures of Callum and his friends as they try to save their kingdom from an evil sorceress, so a film adaptation would likely focus on these same plot elements.

Given the success of other young adult book-to-movie franchises such as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, it’s possible that a Kotlc movie could be greenlit if enough fans voice their support. So if you’re hoping to see Callum and his friends on the big screen one day, make sure to let Hollywood know!

The characters

The characters in the movie are pretty well-known. You have Rhysand, who’s the main character, and you have Feyre, who is his love interest. There’s also Cassian, who is Rhysand’s best friend, and Nesta, who is Feyre’s sister. The four of them are the main characters in the movie.

The plot

The story follows the life of 17-year old twins, Mark and scott, who find out they have magical powers. When their parents are killed in a car accident, they move in with their Uncle John in New York City. There, they begin to use their powers to fight crime. They are also joined by their new friend, a talking dog named Sherlock.

The ending

At the end of the series, it is revealed that there is indeed a movie, and it is titled “Keeper of the Lost Cities: An illustrated movie”. However, it is unknown when or if this movie will ever be released.

Will there ever be a Kotlc movie?

While there is no concrete answer, it seems unlikely that there will ever be a movie adaptation of the popular book series, Keeper of the Lost Cities. The author, Shannon Messenger, has stated in interviews that she feels the story is better suited for a television series. Additionally, the books are extremely long and would likely need to be condensed significantly for a film adaptation, which could prove to be problematic.


To conclude, it is still unknown if a movie for The Kaufmann Kings or the Crown of Creation will ever be made. However, it would be a fantastic addition to the fantasy genre, and hopefully we will see it in the future.

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