Is The Goblin Slayer Movie A Recap?

We take a look at whether or not the Goblin Slayer movie is a recap of the anime or light novel series, and what this could mean for the franchise.

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The much-anticipated Goblin Slayer movie has finally arrived, and fans are eager to see how it compares to the original light novel and anime series. Unfortunately, those who haven’t read the source material may be a little lost, as the film seems to assume that viewers are already familiar with the world and characters. This raises the question: is the Goblin Slayer movie a recap of the events of the light novel and anime, or is it a completely new story?

What is the Goblin Slayer?

What is the Goblin Slayer?
The Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy light novel series written by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Noboru Kannatuki. It has been serialized in Big Gangan since February 2016, and has been collected in seven tankōbon volumes by Square Enix. An anime television series adaptation by White Fox aired from October 2018 to December 2018.

The story follows a young man known as the Goblin Slayer whose life goal is to exterminate all goblins from the world.

The series has been well received. As of July 2018, the light novel had over 1 million copies in circulation in Japan. Reviewers have generally praised the light novel’s dark fantasy setting and story, as well as its descriptions of violence. However, some reviewers criticized its characterization and lack of originality.

What happened in the movie?

The Goblin Slayer movie is a recap of the first season of the anime. It covers the story from when the goblin army attacks the farm to when Goblin Slayer sets out to find the wizard who can help him get revenge. The movie is also interspersed with scenes of Goblin Slayer’s past, which helps to explain his motivations.

Was the movie a recap?

If you were hoping for a complete retelling of the story, you may be disappointed. The movie is more of a condensed version of the events that take place in the anime. It covers the first few episodes and then skips ahead to the end of the anime. This means that some important plot points are left out, but if you’ve seen the anime, you probably won’t mind too much.

Why was the movie a recap?

There are a lot of reasons why The Goblin Slayer movie was a recap. For one, the original light novel is still ongoing, so there was a lot of story that the movie had to condense. Secondly, the anime only adapts the first two arcs of the novel, so there was a lot of story from those arcs that needed to be included in order to remind viewers what had happened. Finally, the movie was released almost a year after the anime aired, so it needed to include a lot of information from the anime in order to bring viewers back up to speed.

How did fans react to the movie?

The Goblin Slayer movie was released in Japan on February 1, 2019. The film is a recap of the first season of the anime, which originally aired from October to December 2018.

Some fans were disappointed that the movie was simply a recap of the anime, while others enjoyed being able to relive the story. Some fans felt that the movie was better than the anime, due to its higher budget and production values.

What did you think of the Goblin Slayer movie?

What does the future hold for the Goblin Slayer?

It has been a few months since the Goblin Slayer movie was released, and fans are wondering what the future holds for this franchise. The movie was a clear recap of the events of the anime, so it is safe to say that there will be no more movies or seasons of the anime in the near future. The light novels are still being released, however, so there is still potential for more content down the line. For now, it seems as though the Goblin Slayer franchise is on hiatus.


From the looks of it, director Takaharu Ozaki and his team have done a great job of adapting Kumo Kagyu’s hit light novel series for the big screen. With stunning visuals and an intriguing story, Goblin Slayer is definitely a movie worth watching. However, if you’re hoping for a traditional fantasy movie with lots of action and adventure, you might be disappointed.


There are very few details on the Goblin Slayer movie that have been released. However, it is already confirmed that the movie will be a recap of the anime series. The film will show how Goblin Slayer slay his first goblins and how he became the goblin slayer.

Further Reading

The Japanese light novel series Goblin Slayer has been adapted into a movie, but some viewers are wondering if the film is simply a recap of the events of the series.

The movie does indeed recap the story of the light novel series, but it also includes new scenes and conversations that were not present in the original work. Whether or not this makes the movie worth watching for fans of the series is up for debate. However, those who have not read the Goblin Slayer light novels may find the movie to be a more accessible introduction to the world and characters.

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